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post we are hiringWelcome to TMB ūüôā ¬†!

If you love cosmetics and would devour them at any time during the day, we would love to have your contribution to make TMB the biggest Beauty Blog (Read content Repository) of all times.

Important Things to be provided by you before you start to write for TMB

  • Scan copy of your PAN Card
  • Valid bank account details.

Format for a Review Post

  • Each post should have at least 1000 words and at least 7 full Scape close up images (Images having cut outs/ indecent background will not be accepted).
  • Language preference would be English and no internet/chat lingos would be accepted.
  • The product reviews should be written in positive & negatives (pro/con) format only ‚Äď No other format is accepted.
  • If you provide video tutorial or step by step image tutorial the number of words will have a minimum requirement of 800 words
  • For regular writers : Please mail on¬†Bhumika@themetrobeauty.com¬†for details regarding better incentives and backend access and an Empowering Blogging Designation.
  • P.S. If the price of the product that you reviewed is less than INR 200 ($5 USD) then two product reviews have to be sent for the payment to be released.

Following articles are Welcome:

  • Makeup Product Reviews
  • Makeup Tutorials (Step by Step Images / Self Videos)
  • Perfumes / Fragrances / Deo Reviews
  • Nail Enamels & Nail Art (Preferable are high end brands)
  • Beauty Tips / Skin Care
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY Formulations)
  • Fashion (FOTDs) Including Outfits. Footwear etc.
  • Online Shopping Experiences Including Website Reviews
  • Skin Care and Hair Care Products

Posts mentioned below are not allowed:

  • If you are working for any cosmetic company you cannot review about any product.
  • Products that are available only Online or through Network Marketing or through limited reach e.g. Avon | Oriflame | Vaadi | Miss Claire etc.
  • Local or lesser known brands.
  • Products reviews on brands which do not apply to the niche area of the blog such as Boroplus, Zandu Bam, and Vicco etc.
  • Reviews with pictures taken with cellphones. Please send pictures taken only with a camera (DSLRs | Semi DSLRs | SLRs).
  • Reviews with Grammatical Mistakes and unclear pictures not accepted
  • Reviews of Family care products such as Toothpastes, Soaps & Hand wash etc.

How to Write for TMB Blog (A Review Post)

Please follow the below guidelines religiously before writing a post:

  • Step 1 : Search the top right corner of TMB to figure out if a topic/review has already been posted on our website.
  • Step 2 : If it is not then you can write that review for us.
  • Step 3 : Follow the format as laid out above for every review (.docx / .doc )
  • Step 4 : Click good / visible / Clear pictures
  • Step 5 : Please check if you have included following attributes while reviewing a cosmetic product (In sequence as mentioned) :
    • Title of the Post¬† (Mandatory to mention name of the product in title)
    • Price
    • Your experience/take about/on the product
    • Pros / Cons
    • Rating out of 5
  • Step 6 : Once Done with the above, mark a mail to¬†bhumika@themetrobeauty.com
  • Step 7 : Wait for the confirmation mail that your review has been approved and posted on TMB
  • Step 8 :¬†Enjoy your incentive settled within 1-5 of the next month for all the reviews posted by you via NEFT/PayPal, subject to a minimum amount of 1000 INR / 25 USD. ¬† In case, in any month your¬†total payable amount does not meet the minimum requirement, your payment would be settled the next month in which your total payable surpasses the minimum requirement.

Some Important Points

If you are fine with the above, Please send your articles only at bhumika@themetrobeauty.com.  The article should be in a .doc/.docx (Microsoft Word / WordPad) file.  If the article is approved by our editing board we will upload it with Your Full Name and the payment would be released in 5 working days.  Payment for International Writers would be settled Only through PayPal  (The required details like PayPal ID/ Passport Scan / Linked Bank Account Details would be needed while settling of Non-Indian (&/or) International Payments.

Please provide the following Details for payment to be released (OR) a cross cheque scan copy (Payment within India):

  • Account Holder‚Äôs Name:
  • Account Number:
  • Bank Name:
  • Branch Address:
  • IFSC Code:

TMB Terms and Conditions

TMB will hold the copyright of the article and other content that you send to us against a payment so you are bound by copyright law & are not allowed to reproduce or re-sell that article in any form either online or offline.  If you intend to do so, TMB would have ultimate ownership of the revenue that is generated by re-selling that article.  Plagiarism would be strictly dealt with and would not be accepted and also would not be incentivized.

  • ¬†For Beauty Bloggers:¬†If you are a fashion/beauty blogger, we would be more than happy to post your fresh reviews (not the one’s already posted on you blog) on our website (if approved).¬†¬† The review would be posted along with your short introduction for the first review, and post that one, it would be standard reviews. ¬†You are free to share that post on your social network and your blog too :-).

The following would lead to probable blacklisting from our blog:

  • Submitting pictures taken from phone, or submitting us blurry, unclear pictures.
  • Submitting copied articles from internet. If you are writing a generalized article that involves beauty/fashion with images used from internet, you will have to provide us with the links of those images and the articles from where you have taken the content.
  • Submitting the same article on other beauty or fashion blogs that you have previously submitted on TMB.
  • Submitting us reviews with grammatical errors, internet/chat language, or bad editing.
  • Using abusive/filthy/derogatory language in/on any comments/replies.
  • Lying about payments not received despite that being credited to your accounts (P.S. We have verification slots with the banks) Using somebody else‚Äôs account to receive payments.

Goodies to Write for TMB

TMB pays INR 200¬†ūüėé ¬†per review successfully posted on TMB‚Äôs Blog ($5 (USD) for Non-Indian Residents). ¬† For outfit posts we pay INR 300 ($6 (USD) for Non-Indian Residents) per review successfully posted. ¬†No Payments for haul posts. (P.S. If you are reviewing any product less than INR 200 ($5 (USD)) then two reviews have to be made for the payment to be settled).¬† The payment would be settled using NEFT/PayPal mode and would take 5 working days for the payment to be released.

P.S. Final decisions rest with the owner/editor of www.themetrobeauty.com | Any dispute arising would be subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.  Payments made via NEFT/PayPal to be credited to the correct person is the sole responsibility of the WRITER and the account number sent to TMB via registered email would only be considered.  For International Writers the Product review that can be accepted are of products that are available or can be made available in India (via Online Shopping).  The Editor reserves the rights to change the  incentive amount for every individual writer and or cancel the writers contract without any prior notice.

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