To Wear or Not To Wear (Makeup – Cosmetics Reviews)

To Wear or Not to Wear

Well well well…

The most important question is “To Wear or not To Wear” (makeup)….

& The answer is “ALWAYS”

During my early days I used to be conscious about my complexion (since good and legitimate Cosmetics Reviews were not available), and other parmaters that if I use certain cosmetic would it harm my skin, and Bang! There goes beauty care for a toss. And thus I have become used to a daily skin care routine for the past 6 years Thrice a Day…!

Coming on to whether or not a girl should wear makeup is totally circumstantial and seasonal ofcourse and thus proper care should be taken that whatever makeup you’re wearing it should be complimented along with a seasonal cosmetic like SPF for Summers, Moisturizer for Winters and Water Proof Makeup for Rains.

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