The Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub Review

Hey Everyone,

I have some questions for you people, if your answer is “Yes” then you are so going to Looooovvvveeee this product.

Do you drool over just the name of coffee? Does the aroma of coffee sends you in Heaven? Do you sit in Coffee shops for hours just for sipping and sniffing coffee? Can you drink coffee at any time of the day?

If all the answers are “yes” then you are a coffee addict. And so am I :mrgreen:  Sometimes the husband also drools over this product despite not being a coffee person at all 😆   You can imagine how heavenly it smells!

Natures Co Coffee Scrub 1
Natures Co Coffee Scrub

Coming to the product now.

The Nature’s Co has invented one of the best scrubs suitable for all types of skin.   I am sure many of you are letting their imaginations run wild just by seeing the image of the product as it looks somewhat gross (when swatched) but trust me, don’t get tricked by the appearance.  Once you start using this you will feel the difference in your skin.  I am so in love with this product, that I could literally eat it but always stop myself from doing so 😉 .   And one of the best thing about this is that you can use this product daily, which makes me want to eat it even more. Ohhh gosh!

Natures Co Coffee Scrub 8
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Swatched
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Swatched
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Swatched

What the Company says-

Exfoliates skin; Removes the upper, dead layer of skin; Anti-microbial & antioxidant; Gives a healthy and instant glow.
Pamper the coffee lover in you with our invigorating Coffee Face Scrub. It is full of anti-microbial and antioxidant properties that sloughs dead skin, boosts circulation and imparts an instant radiant glow.  Wet your face and neck, massage using light circular motions. Rinse off and pat skin dry. Can be used daily. Go ahead and get addicted!
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Close Up
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Close Up
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Opened
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Opened
Price – INR 525 for 125 ml.
Ingredients – Each 100 g contains- coffee extract-0.5% Coffee poder-1% coffee grits-3% vegetable glycerine-6.5% olive oil 1% cream base,aroma&natural preservatives.Products made from natural hill spring water.some people may be sensitive to natural ingredients used in the product.

My take on the Product

If you are reading this article from starting then you must have got the idea that I am so in Looovvveeee with this.

Coming to the packaging of the product which is pretty simple and travel friendly as its a tube packaging.  It can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of leakage or spillage.  The scrub is very creamy in texture and the abrasiveness of the coffee granules is so perfect that it does not make your skin feel stretched at all.  In one squeeze you will get perfect amount of granules which can be used for the entire face and neck.  Skin feels very fresh and smooth like butter and unlike other scrubs this is not at all drying.

Natures Co Coffee Scrub Swatched
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Swatched
Natures Co Coffee Scrub Swatched 2
The Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub Review

I didn’t get any breakout after using this product.  So I am using this almost on a daily basis as many of you people know that coffee has brightening effect and it makes your skin feel so refreshed & moisturized  because of the inherent nature of Caffeine.

Pros –

  • The Yummmmy smell of the coffee
  • It is chemical free
  • Can be used on daily basis
  • Smooth Texture
  • Suits all skin types
  • Moisturizes the skin effectively
  • Granules are perfect
  • All Natural Ingredients

Cons –

  • Might be pricey for some people

TMB Rating – 4.8/5

Recommendation : I would definitely recommend this product to all the ladies as this will leave your skin refreshed and smooth.

 Happy Coffeeing!

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  1. I have used it.. Must say you’ve done a good presentation.. One thing that I feel is an additional con is the size… I feel carrying such a large piece when you’re having space constraints is a trouble but as you mentioned coffee is seriously rejuvenating and inspired from this some company had come out with a coffee face wash for men…

  2. Hey Bhumika,
    I have mailed you a request for considering me as a contributor for your Blog. Can you revert on that.. Quoting further, the scrub is pretty good I myself used it when I was back in India…


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