The Fun Weekend Sans Cosmetics Reviews

Hey Everyone,

Sorry to be away from blogging about cosmetics reviews for almost a week.  My week was horribly hectic as my brother-in-law was coming here for the very first time.  So getting everything prepared to chalk out the plan for our weekend, I’d done it all  😀

Much to the husband’s annoyance we went to Lalbaughcha Raja on Saturday for the Mukh Darshan.  It was so heavily crowded that it took almost 4 hours for us to see the Ganpati.  One year we’d gone for Charan Sparsh (those who have never visited Lalbaugh at the time of Ganapati festival,  there are two separate queues, one for Charan Sparsh wherein you can touch the feet of the deity and one for Mukh Darshan you can see the God from the distance! Duh!).  It took us 36 hours for Charan Sparsh in some year that we had decided never to visit the Lalbaugh henceforth.

I don’t know how many of you have visited the Lalbaugh ka Raja which is considered to be the most auspicious deity in Maharashtra, which  has been commercialized as perfectly depicted in the movie OMG! Oh My God ( as the queue has been conveniently converted from a 20 mins queue to a 200 mins queue, which is horrible just to see the Idol from a distance).  God never asks you to follow/unfollow certain rules.  It works on only one thing “KARMA” i.e. Do What is Right!

If you are a good human being, if you respect people or your elderly then you can see the God in their Happiness.  It’s not like if you go and stand in a queue for a day and only then He will shower his blessings on you, which is something we don’t believe  in.  Give happiness, donate to someone who actually needs.  Then you can see the God.  Hence we have decided never to visit the Lalbaugh again.  But since my BIL was here we had to go.  At least he enjoyed as he was visiting for the very first time.

After the Darshan we went straight to the shopping mall with all tired and exhausted look.  Ohhh!  Sometimes the tiredness goes away when the company is good, and it did.   I had full fatty salad in Subway (even though I am trying to follow a strict diet but whenever I am near Subway I just can’t resist myself  😈 ).

Then the best thing of the weekend is obviously a movie.  We saw “Mary Kom”.  If you are following my blog then you must be knowing that I am a big big movie buff.  I am thinking to start a section on movie reviews as well.  If you also think so please drop me a comment below.

So coming to the movie, Mary Kom is fairly good movie delivered by Omung Kumar who has become the Director for the very first time with this movie (I always loved his Anchoring in “Ek minute” show which is used to come in the 90’s.  😛 )

Mary Kom
Mary Kom

Whatever the reviews are pouring in for the movie it is worth a watch.  Just go to see the Woman empowerment,  Priyanka’s hard work,  and some good acting delivered by fairly nice actors.

That’s how the Fun weekend ended and I shall be back to work again! Thanks for visiting & reading my blog♥.  If you like it please share your comments below.

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  1. Gal – How was the movie… And Regarding Movie Reviews, Do start it there is a dearth of legible reviews + I would love to read and learn about makeup directions used in the movie on the actresses..

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