Printer that prints makeup.!! Don’t believe it? Read on..

Hello Gals,

Make Up Printer – Oh Really!

When i first saw this video, i was like..OMG..!! What? Really? Can that happen for sure? But then after watching the video i realized.. mannnn.. how thoughtful that girl is..!!

So the girl from Harvard has invented a printer that prints makeup (basically using 3D print technology).

So How it works!

Lets say if you are browsing through internet and liked any color you see, you pick that color into color picker and order the printer to print that. The printer prints out some form of powder of that color using the same ink and dyes that are FDA approved (these are the same ones used in high ends cosmetics) and you have your eye shadow ready . That is fabulous I say.

For those of us who blow thousands a year on makeup (trust us, it adds up), this is a big deal. Mink seems to offer limitless possibilities, promising a world where one could feasibly copy a stranger’s lipstick color, or recreate their favorite flower in cream or powder form. Even more intriguing than the opportunity to rip-off your friends’ favorite eye shadows is the challenge the Mink presents to cosmetic companies—for the price of $300 a pop, a single printer could take on a $55 billion dollar industry.

I am going to stop talking now and you can see for yourself !


Do you think  it will work? Share your comments below.

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