Glam And Glitz Fashion DIY

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Glam And Glitz Fashion DIY

Got your attire all set for NYE but now wondering what Make-up to do!?!

Don’t you worry when you have me  😀

I’ve decided to do bling eyes as my makeup!

Glam And Glitz Fashion DIY
Glam And Glitz Fashion DIY

And you ladies are in for a treat because I’m going to show you Step by Step how to have Shimmery Eyes!

All you need is –

  • Glitter (if you love bling grab the glitter tower from Faces cosmetics),
  • Glitter glue available at Kryolan, Inglot or even NYX! Or Glitter liquid liner (available at leading beauty stores)
  • Optional- grey/ dark brown/ black eyeshadow.
  • Eyeliner & Mascara.

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    Glam And Glitz Fashion DIY Eye Makeup
  1. Start with a clean eye lid. Put some pressed powder on the lid to remove any greasiness!
  2. Take a glitter glue &
  3. Apply some on the back of your hand.
  4. Transfer some glitter into a smaller container or its lid.
  5. With an eye shadow brush first take little glitter glue & then pick up the glitter on it.
  6. Start applying the glitter on the centre of the eye.
  7. Apply the glitter all over the shape of the eye (almond shape)
  8. Optional- Draw a ‘V’ with a dark brown/ black eye shadow to define the eyes!
  9. Another way of doing the bling eyes is to make the ‘V’ on the crease line first & then fill in the glitter.
  10. If you can’t find glitter glue use a glitter liquid eyeliner all over the eye.
  11. Immediately apply the glitter on the eye liner before it dries!
  12. Apply a very thin eyeliner along the lash line.

For a more pronounced look for the eye use falsies! I was dying to try on my new feather lashes from Inglot & this is how I applied them!

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How to Apply False Eyelashes
  1. Peel the eyelashes off its packaging.
  2. Catching the eyelashes with a tweezer is a good idea! (I have nails so I can manage without) Apply the eye lash glue on the base of the lashes.
  3. Wait for the lash glue to dry a little for about 30-40seconds.
  4. Place the centre of the lash on the centre of the lid. Lightly press it to the eye lid.
  5. Wait for it to dry without blinking eyes for a minute or two!
  6. See the difference between the two eyes  🙂
  7. If the lashes glue (white part) is visible? All you need to do is put a liquid eyeliner over the whole eyeliner from earlier to cover up the white!

Three important things to keep in mind while applying lashes is-

  • Use only Duo lash glue! Rest all aren’t effective lash glues.

    Duo Lash Glue
    Duo Lash Glue
  • Once the lash glue is applied on the lashes make sure to let it dry for 30seconds & then place the lashes on the eye!
  • All you have to do is lightly place the lashes over the lash line & then dab the falsies on the lid for it to stick!
  • Lastly, please stop thinking lash application is complicated! Just have fun, follow these steps & trust me it will be cake walk  😉

    DIY Tutorial
    DIY Tutorial

I think I have loved this look so much myself that I’m definitely keeping my eyes like this for NYE 😀

So ladies you too can do the same & if it’s too much for you! Do just a glitter eyeliner or at least try wearing fake eyelashes & watch yourself transform 

Be Yourself & Shine On ♥

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