D’acne Foaming Face Wash Review

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D’acne Foaming Face Wash Review

If you have a lot of Acne & have oily skin then look no further I’m going to introduce you to the right face wash  🙂 

Today I’m Reviewing the D’acne Foaming Face wash

D’acne is a foaming face wash with salicylic acid & glycolic acid!

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D’acne Foaming Face Wash Review


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D’acne Foaming Face Wash Packaging
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D’acne Foaming Face Wash Appearance
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D’acne Foaming Face Wash Dispenser
D'acne Foaming Face Wash Pump Dispenser
D’acne Foaming Face Wash Pump Dispenser

Very simple & clean packaging! Slim & tall bottle. Completely transparent bottle with just a sticker on it.

Cap is transparent too & the nozzle is visible from the outside.

Looking at the bottle itself you can make out it’s a medicated face wash  🙂 

Product Feel

How to Use D'acne Foaming Face Wash
How to Use D’acne Foaming Face Wash

The liquid inside the bottle is absolutely transparent. It’s in its liquid form while in the bottle! When the nozzle of the bottle is pressed because of the pressure the liquid changes into foam! The foam isn’t runny unlike the liquid so can be easily applied on the face without worrying about it flowing off the hand  🙂 

How to Apply  D'acne Foaming Face Wash
How to Apply D’acne Foaming Face Wash


The face actually feels completely void of oily once washed with the D’acne face wash! In fact for a while it actually feels dry! After washing the face with D’acne the skin remains oil free for about 2 hours at least whereas normal the skin gets oily within an hour *sigh*


D'acne Foaming Face Wash Quantity
D’acne Foaming Face Wash Quantity

The face wash is 60ml & it’s also quite handy while travelling  🙂 

Price – INR 290/-

D'acne Foaming Face Wash Price
D’acne Foaming Face Wash Price

PROs –

  • Inexpensive compared to a body shop!
  • Leaves face completely oil-free.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Doctor recommended.

CONs –

  • If your skin isn’t very oily then D’acne makes the skin too dry after washing with it!

Rating – 4.8/5

Final Verdict –If you have Acne or hyper oily skin, BUY NOW!

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