Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone,

Its Aleena’s Birthday today & she is treating us with an awesome Makeup Tut for all you lovely ladies! TMB wishes Aleena a Very Happy Birthday 🙂 

Hello Ladies 😀

I’m going to show you a transformation that’s going to make you want to definitely watch this video tutorial!

Presenting Fall Makeup Tutorial  😀

Fall Makeup
Fall Makeup Tutorial

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How to Apply Two Colored Eyeliner within 2 minutes [Video Tutorial]

Hola Lovelies,

Post by Aleena.

Hello Lovelies,

Been long & I’ve missed you guys ♥

But you shall be happy to know I had an Amazing trip & you all shall see glimpses of it soon too 😀

Today’s post is just eye liners.

Eyeliner is a staple makeup product we all use from our teen years itself 😀

I have decided to give it a simple, quick, stylish & unique twist. I promise you it will take just two minutes!

This post is exactly what the title says- Dual Coloured eyeliner within two minutes 🙂

How to Apply Two Colored Eyeliner
How to Apply Two Colored Eyeliner

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How to Do Basic Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone♥,

I am over the Moon to Bring to you TMB’s first Video Tutorial by Ms. Aleena!

Hope you Love Reading this and WATCHING the video 🙂

Having Clear looking skin isn’t a secret anymore!

I’m here to show you How to Do Quick Base Makeup/ How To Use Concealer!

“The best thing is to go natural, But you need makeup to go natural” -Calvin Klein.

Very very few of us are blessed with Even Toned skin! Whether its skin discolouration, dark spots, marks, acne or even dark circles they all lead to our skin looking different shades!

When you have an even tone your actual Complexion can be seen which makes the face Brighten up too  😆

  • The First Step for doing your makeup is clean skin! First wash face & then apply a Toner! For very dry skin apply a moisturiser too, concentrating on the drier regions of the face.
  • Next step would be using a Primer! A primer closes the pores & gives a more even tone to your skin. It also helps the makeup last longer.

I have Oily skin with a lot of pores so I cannot even think of skipping the primer! I recently started using the Porefessional Primer by Benefit & its magic! It might be a little expensive but it’s worth every penny.

How to Do Basic Makeup Tutorial
How to Do Basic Makeup Tutorial

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