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I am back with something new that I tried recently, I very recently developed a roving eye for Lenses and wanted to buy some awesome lenses for daily wear (Color with No Power).  I have purchased a lot of shades / spectacles / frames / glasses online but never Lenses, So I thought of giving LensKart a Try for the Lenses (I have already purchased couple of frames from them – Loved it Then) and Loved them again :-D.

LensKart Review

Lenskart has Shades / Frames / Specs / Lenses and Physical Stores – Rare E-Comm site to have such a wide range of products from the same niche.  One look at the site and it compels you to explore what suits what doesn’t.  You’ll be spoiled for choices for sure. Review – Brief Overview

Lenskart brings to you [Yes they do :-D] wide selection of eyewear from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vincent Chase, John Jacobs and what not.    Apart from the Eyewear range, they sport a Gender based sorting on this as well, Ranging from Men, Women and Kids too (Icing on the Cake) then comes the range of Power Glasses and such and most importantly the widest brand variety of Lenses that I have seen so far.  You have BnL, JnJ, Freshlook, Ciba and many more.

I was hesitant the first time that I bought from them, a little skeptical about the low price vs quality of the product.  Because wearing a non branded fake product on your eyes can damage your eyes much more than it will damage your reputation.  Plus I had no clue as to if the sunglasses that I would buy suit the shape of my face and that the nose piece fits onto the Nose Line well.

Lenskart had already thought of this it seems. They have a no questions asked return policy with money back if the glasses don’t suit / fit your need.  Convenience and No Hassles at a DISCOUNTED Price – What else does a girl want <3

The price range for wearables are anywhere 20-40% discounted on the market (store) prices.  What I loved about the Lens category is that they have about 85 styles and all of that it displayed precisely with the features of color, expiration, usage and price of the product. The filters on the top row of any selection across the category is really helpful and is actually pretty smart.  You can play around with the filters of brand, color, power, expiration and reviews of the Lenses.

When you actually select a particular product, the page covers every single aspect of this product that you actually end up asking the shopkeeper when you physically roam around looking for stuff.  The explanatory videos are really useful in case you are a newbie buying stuff from them, the reviews mentioned there more or less cover each and every aspect of what they loved about the product and what they did not, thus rather than relying on the thug shopkeeper’s suggestions it’s better to go with fellow user feedbacks only.

The compare features is a boon for window-shoppers wherein they can add products of their choice from a similar category and can compare the pro-con of each product and finally boil down on the piece that would adore their eyes.

Finally after minutes (yes and not hours 😀 ) I completed my drill and ended up buying from Widest Brand Variety of Lenses the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors at a heavy discount of appx 35% and whoa what a delivery, card backed – bubble wrapped and right on time (slightly before).   Immediately opened and tried on – What a Lovely Feel! Review

Lenskart so far I have found, is one of the best variety online portal for eyewear.  It has everything you need from party wear to daily wear, simple to complex powers and so on.

Kudos to the team and I would suggest everyone craving for a new spec / shade or lens do Try LensKart.  It’s worth the time (saved) and money spent.

Top 8 Online Sites For Winter Shopping

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Top 8 Online Sites For Winter Shopping

Winter is the coldest season that makes the environment chilled. In this season, we must ensure to keep our body warm so to do that we need apparels and accessories. There are many online shopping sites that are offering winter products from personal care to home appliances at cheaper price. The winter products offered at various shopping sites include Dresses, Socks, Sweaters, Jackets, Sweatshirt, Pullovers, Gloves, Heaters, Geysers, Cookers, Coffee/Tea Makers, Steamers, and many others. These products for winter can be purchased online at a reasonable price with high discounts. Well, let’s find out what the top 8 online sites for winter shopping offer its customers.


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Today I am reviewing one of the leading website for all the ethnic needs i.e. & their services. is a leading website which offers huge variety of ethnic range which includes Sareez, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas ,etc.  It has variety of Bollywood Sareez, Salwar Kameez as well. So if you want to wear the replica of Deepika’s suit, I am sure you can easily order it from them. It is one of the easiest website to browse despite having such a huge collection of ethnic wear. Website Review Website Review

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