Being a Woo-Man!


Women who want to EQUAL Men, Lack Ambition….!

~ Marilyn Monroe

Hi All,

This is my second post on my website (while still being constructed by my Husband) as I could not hold myself on this Women’s Day and had to bug him for a while to let me post on it while still being under construction…! 🙂

Well, here I was in my Teens and already sitting on pile of questions like which cream in the morning for making me look good, which one in the afternoon for a quick re-touch and which one at night for keeping me looking young!  All these questions used to bug me previously but, thanks to the power of internet things have changed!  I, now, from being totally clueless, am fully aware of my rights as well as my options (both literally and figuratively).

Being a woman does not entail any “Special Thing” for those ladies who want to equal Men in the rat-race of life (Professional or Personal – eitherways)!  It is a special thing only for those GALS who like to beat Men in their own FORTE i.e. being MEN…!

& Thus this post is pretty aptly named as Being a Wo-MAN (Being someone who can WOO a MAN) and the one who can do this is more likely to beat him with the WOO factor….

From messy chums to mushy love everything in our lives is special, the only need is to be a part of it every moment – & Let Life LIVE!   Here’s wishing All you Sexy Ladies a very Happy Women’s Day..!

~ TMB (Thy Mamtani, Bhumika)

Author & Founder – TMB (The Metro Beauty)

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